Managed IT Services Provides Expert Support From a Well-Rounded Team of Technology Professionals

Managed IT Services Provides Expert Support From a Well-Rounded Team of Technology Professionals

In today’s ultra-competitive business marketplace, the value of having access to a comprehensive team of IT experts can’t be overstated. Many small and mid-sized businesses simply don’t have the budget to hire a comprehensive, well-rounded team of experts in-house full time—so they hire one or two IT professionals in hopes that a few dedicated, full-time employees will fit their needs.

What many small and mid-sized businesses don’t realize is that when you contract with a managed IT services provider, one of the many benefits you can expect is the ability to leverage the expert support provided by your managed IT services team to consult with and empower your in-house IT staff.

1. Strategic In-House IT Consultants

Managed IT services provide a budget-balancing approach to managing your business’ IT infrastructure and controlling skyrocketing IT costs. When you outsource your IT solutions and (that can also include managed security services), you allow your in-house IT team to focus on more strategic business-centric matters, like process improvements and core technology.

If you’re a start-up or a small to medium-sized business that simply can’t afford to hire IT staff, a managed IT services provider can take the place of a full-time IT team and act as an on-site or virtual IT department.

2. Technology That Scales With Your Business

Presumably, you’re in business to make money, be successful, and grow your organization. When you have a team of managed IT services experts behind you, you can utilize the most innovative technology available without having to foot the bill for extensive licensing fees and infrastructure upgrades.

3. Up-to-Date, Comprehensive Security Features

With the constantly evolving adaptability of hackers and other cyber criminals, it’s tough enough to stay abreast of the latest security threats in order to effectively mitigate them—let alone protect your business continuity with a plan in the event that an incident does occur. With a managed security services team behind you, your business will benefit from a solid line of defense that includes the most up-to-date security experts in the field, along with a comprehensive business continuity and disaster plan that will keep your business up-and-running in the event that the unthinkable does occur.

4. Infrastructure Planning and Analytics

When you outsource your managed IT services, a reputable provider will start with a thorough assessment of your IT security and infrastructure needs. If you decide you want to migrate your business to the cloud or upgrade your operating system, an outsourced IT solutions provider has the expertise to make those changes quickly and seamlessly and with limited downtime.

With a managed IT service provider that specializes in IT solutions and managed security services, small and mid-sized businesses can count on an entire team of experts that focuses on developing the best IT solutions for their business needs. When you outsource your IT to a managed IT services provider, you leverage the expertise of your in-house IT professionals and maximize your ROI.

Intrinium’s managed IT services experts are highly trained, ethical professionals that specialize in security services and innovative IT solutions. When you work with Intrinium’s managed services team, you get a comprehensive IT framework to support your entire business. If you think your business could benefit from a managed IT services provider that also takes a proactive approach to IT security, contact Intrinium for an exploratory conversation.

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