Managed security services worth the expense

Managed security services worth the expense

In today’s digital age, technology advances like never before. In the world of cyber-security, for instance, new threats are created every day. Businesses that aren’t prepared to handle such threats risk losing sensitive data to unknown third parties. Compounding this problem is the rise in mobile devices. Today’s businesspeople are as likely to do work outside the office as they are inside. With employees storing sensitive information on their work-issued laptops, tablets, and smartphones which they travel around with, cyber-security has never been more important.

It’s now that businesses are beginning to see the value in managed security services.

What is managed security services?

Traditionally, businesses handled cyber-security threats in-house. Perhaps they invested in antivirus and firewall software for each workstation. Larger businesses may have even hired their own IT people to monitor suspicious activity on their network and handle any data breaches.

But antivirus on each workstation still allows for some gaps in security and most small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford the expense of staffing their own IT department. Managed security services is when businesses hire third party provider to handle that business’s cyber-security needs.

The advantages of managed security

There are several good reasons why a business might want to outsource their cyber-security to a third party rather than handling it in-house. Here are a few of the biggest ones:

  • It’s more affordable. Hiring and staffing your own cyber-security people is expensive. You have to pay someone to be on-site at all times. With managed security, your network is always being monitored and there are IT professionals on-hand should a problem arise but you don’t have to handle their payroll and you’re not paying them to sit around when their services aren’t needed.
  • It’s scalable. Sometimes, demand can increase or decrease without warning. Many businesses, such as tax preparation companies, are particularly busy at certain times of the year. With in-house cyber-security, it’s expensive to upgrade the hardware to handle demand. With managed security services you can scale your services with ease depending on demand.
  • It’s simpler. Cyber-security is tough on administration. It’s another department to oversee and manage. With managed security services, everything is off-site. If data is compromised, there are IT professionals that can track down the source of the threat but for the most part, everything runs smoothly and administration doesn’t have to worry about it.
  • It’s better security. Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is that managed security services offer better security. There are all kinds of cyber-threats. If a business can only afford to hire one IT professional, they’re not going to specialize in all of the various types of threats. Because managed security services provide cyber-security for many clients, they can afford to hire specialists to cover all kinds of cyber threats whether it’s endpoint security, email security, or web security.

Source: Biz Tech Magazine

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