Intrinium purchases Contineo’s network support division

SPOKANE, WA – Intrinium is excited to announce its acquisition of Contineo’s network support business! This will allow for Intrinium to expand their customer network, managed IT and professional services, hourly support work, and engineering team.

Contineo is in the process of separating business lines into the network support division (being purchased by Intrinium) and the audit consulting division (being purchased by Moss Adams).  This move will bring Intrinium additional customers to new and existing service regions. Initially, Intrinium will continue to operate the Contineo service lines as they run today, with minimal change to the way new customers are used to interacting with the company. Intrinium will work to identify any areas they can improve for these customers and tackle them right away.

Intrinium is looking forward to the future with the Contineo division and many more endeavors ahead.

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