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Nolan Garrett, CEO has been a proud member of the Forbes Technology Council since 2019. In this role, he has actively contributed to the expert conversations and has authored a number of articles on We hope you will take the time to read more about what topics are impacting our industry in the following articles. 

Leading A Successful Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise TransformationStrategic alignment is the key to transforming information security for your enterprise. Success is contingent on buy in from all aspects of the organization. From developing your risk strategy to budgeting the transformation, CEO, Nolan Garrett shares insight on what steps you need to take to ensure your business is prepared to moved forward with an innovative security program. Read more…

Rethinking Information Security

Information Security | IntriniumInformation Security is not a one sized fit all solution nor is there one box that will solve your security qualms. Each business takes a strategic pairing of solutions, best practices, and staff training to ensure your cybersecurity program is in line with the maturity and compliance needs of your business. CEO, Nolan Garrett shares what Executives need to know to make informed investments and decisions to protect their business. Read more…

How Health Care Organizations Can Prepare For A Data Security Incident

Healthcare | IntriniumCEO, Nolan Garrett shares tips on how healthcare organizations can proactively identify opportunities to strengthen their security. It is not about if a breach will happen, it is about when it will. With the health care industry’s increased reliance on complex technology, attackers are standing by to identify their chance to access sensitive patient data. It is your organizations job to put measures in place to ensure you are doing the best to provide quality care and protection from technology through procedure. Read more…

Nolan Garrett

Nolan Garrett


Nolan founded Intrinium in 2007 and acts as a growth-focused CEO, bootstrapping Intrinium from a small, two-person consultancy to the ever-growing and vibrant firm that it is today. Nolan’s strong technical background, extensive knowledge of security issues and experience in large and small organizations enables him to facilitate secure systems management and the development of effective compliance solutions. He has experience as a CIO and CISO, supporting organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 organizations. His extensive consulting experience covers industries such as healthcare, transportation, education, financial services and social services. In the consulting role for these organizations Nolan has assisted and led a variety of projects ranging from greenfield security program implementation through to multi-million-dollar, multi-year IT and cybersecurity transformations. 

Nolan is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and minors in both Mathematics and Physics. He further has studied Network Security at the University of Idaho, a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education which is jointly sponsored by the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security. He possesses extensive training in Information Warfare and Network Security, along with in depth experience with a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Experience with a variety of platforms including Windows and Linux provide Nolan with a strong foundation for security configuration and systems management, which he pairs with a deep understanding of IT and cybersecurity governance. 

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