Obama comments on Apple vs FBI

Obama comments on Apple vs FBI

Most businesses have switched to using smartphones in regular business settings for all their employees, but every business seems to choose a different smartphone manufacturer based on current needs. One advantage Apple has had in the last couple of years is its program that doesn’t allow any data to be recovered if a password is forgotten or a phone is stolen. It means your private business information is protected from both strangers and hackers who can’t find any kind of loophole in. It might not be that way much longer, especially after President Obama voiced his opinion in favor of the FBI’s side of the case of the infamous Apple vs. FBI lawsuit.

About the case

This case has been dragging on for quite a while. Apple argues that its users trust that nobody, not even Apple themselves, is able to hack that information while the FBI argues that there should be a failsafe to allow access to that information in the event that it can help save more lives or help with an investigation, such as with the known terrorists who could provide information to stop other terrorists if given access to their iPhones. The case is making big news because it could have big implications for businesses and individuals in what privacy laws really can and cannot protect.

This week, however, President Obama officially took a stance when he stated his opinion that the government should not be able to access that information whenever they want but should always have the option to get access in the event that it is needed, according to the Orange County Register. His opinion on the subject could affect the result making it more likely for Apple to lose this one.

What this means for you

There are two things to consider in your business if Apple loses and the right to ultimate privacy is lost. First of all, your company will have to be careful about extra encryption for anyone using a phone. With loopholes in smartphone privacy, your business can’t trust that smartphone passwords will be enough. To resolve this, you’ll want to make sure and provide a second set of encryption on anything that accesses company information through a smartphone, and require logins every time a person gets in it instead of memorizing it on a smartphone.

Second, your company will need to remember that this kind of case would also lead you to sharing information with the government in the event of an investigation. When preparing your encryption and projects that are password-protected, you need to make sure there is a back entry into all of your employee accounts and programs. If the government may make you do it anyway, you might as well plan for that when creating the program.


Source: Orange County Register

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