Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration

Many organizations are still struggling to transition their workforce to a remote-friendly deployment. We recommend looking at a solution that meets the following requirements:

  • Secure access that maintains authentication and access controls
  • Scalable and available so that your employees can work from their homes and other locations with minimal risk
  • Able to integrate with your existing tools and ideally enhances business processes

Our recommendation for something that meets all of the above? Move to Microsoft O365 and Online Services. It’s possible to move the majority, if not all, of your workloads rapidly to these services. For starters, utilizing Exchange Online is huge – not having to maintain your own email server on-site is a huge operational win – and email is critical for almost all businesses. Microsoft has built their platform to have all the applications integrate, meaning that you can have files live in OneDrive and SharePoint, and be accessible via email “attachments.”

Add in that Microsoft Teams, a chat and unified communications platform is tied in, and it’s an even more appealing platform. Having your phones, conferencing, and chat all through one distributed system is a huge bonus, and feedback is excellent. The ability to collaborate in real-time on documents (which, let’s face it, everyone uses Word/Excel), via all these programs for a flat per-user cost is a win for the CFO.

All of these services are delivered through Microsoft’s single-sign-on experience, which you can protect with multi-factor authentication. You can also elect to apply additional information protection for sensitive data and data loss prevention measures. Plus, there’s the confidence in the availability of Microsoft’s services ( and the security around their applications ( You can even easily apply data retention policies to enforce governance.

At the end of the day, taking advantage of these solutions requires a partner that not only understands how to deploy these technologies, but deploy them securely and have a holistic view of how they become a competitive advantage for your business. Our team is ready to rapidly move your organization to a model like the above, ensuring that your business remains resilient and able to meet goals.

If you’re ready to get started with a migration to O365 and online services, contact us today for an immediate remote consultation.

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