Open Office 2.4 – Add new page to existing pages

In writing a technical summary of a customers network in Open Office 2.4 it became necessary to add a page between two existing pages. The document was already nine pages long and I needed to add a page between page three and four. Unlike some others in the office I am NOT a word processing power user and therefore had to Google to find the answer.

Click in the top of the page you want to be below the new page.

hit <ctrl><enter>

You now have a new page. It was that simple to add a new page in Open Office 2.4. No need to enter a manual page break or import into draw. <ctrl><enter> is all you need to add a new page.

By the way did you know Open Office is free? as in beer? YES! There’s no need to spend the $300 for the other office program. Open Office will handle Word and Excel files no problem. Did you know you can edit and create .doc and .xls files in Open Office? Open Office has come a long ways the last couple years and really you could run your office with Open Office and save the money on the purchase and yearly license for every workstation in your office.

If your using MS Office I challenge you to give Open Office a try. You’ll find that Open Office will handle your day to day office documentation without the need to pay thousands in licensing fee’s. If nothing else it’s a sound business decision that free’s up monetary resources for business growth.

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