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Yesterday we talked about cleaning out your temporary Internet files. Today we’ll look at preventing unnecessary programs from loading at start up. These programs load into memory and can cause your computer to be slow and sluggish.

99% of these programs do NOT need to load on boot. Adobe updater does not need to load. Quicktime does not need to load. All those Dell support programs, yeah, definitely don’t need to load. All these programs that load on boot can be launched by you when you need them. It’s not necessary for the program to be always ready and taking up valuable resources. Disabling these programs from loading at start up will enable your computer to boot faster and run more efficiently.

Using MSCONFIG in Windows XP.

1.Go to Start -> Run
2.Type msconfig and click OK or hit enter. This fires up the Microsoft System Configuration Utility
3.Click on the Startup tab.
4.You now have a list of all the programs loading on startup.
5.Disable all programs you recognize as not needed. They are just wasting memory.

If you are in doubt if a program is necessary then leave it. Only disable those you recognize and don’t need to be loaded and running at all times. Do a Google search for any programs in question. The leaner you get your startup the more resources you’ll free up to use.

Cleaning up your startup will significantly increase the performance of your PC. Throw in another 1GB or2GB of RAM and it’ll feel like a new PC again. 🙂

Something else to look at when trying to speed up your computer is defragmenting your hard drive. Over time your hard disk gets fragmented causing it to work harder and inefficiently. Your hard drive has an arm that moves over the disk reading the data. When your hard disk is fragmented that means the files are not in one contiguous are. That one document you saved could have parts in 14 locations on your hard drive. You can see how that could cause performance issues.

We recommend JKDefrag. It’s much more efficient and quicker than the built in Windows defragmenter. It’s also free! Install and run JkDefrag once or twice a month and your hard drive will thank you with a performance boost.

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