Predicting the Next Cyber Attack

Predicting the Next Cyber Attack

It’s sometimes heard that the best defense is a good offense, and the saying can be true in cybersecurity. If we’re able to better predict possible weak points in security systems or consider ways that hackers can get into software and devices, then we can come up with greater defenses for such possible attacks and better protect ourselves.

Last week, companies and experts from around the world met in Singapore for a Black Hat cybersecurity conference. At the conference, one company suggested a possible hacking point that they don’t believe has been tried yet, but would be an easy way for hackers to get company and personal information. They suggest that a possible hack would go as such: hackers would spoof an employee’s email address and send you a link to set up an account using stolen company credentials–basically make it appear like it’s a credentialed site or app. Then once you create an account using the link, the hacker can install malicious apps or software on your device.

A Complicated Future for Cybersecurity

That’s just one new way that hackers could potentially infiltrate your software and steal information. And in that scenario, it would be anyone trying to comply with an colleague or supervisor’s request who could be at risk. But there are hundreds of ways that systems can be infiltrated, and as cybercrime grows, so does the means by which it happens.

In a 2015 internet security report, it was estimated that new malware threats occur at a rate of 1 million per day. That’s a lot of security breaches! And for individuals and companies alike, that’s quite a bit of stolen information. So what can we do to outsmart our hackers? Figure out all the ways we can get hacked, and then protect ourselves from similar attacks. As George Washington said in 1799, “Make them believe, that offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only…means of defence.” And internet security companies and cybercrime tasks forces are working to do that.

Protecting Information Now

The truth is though, while we’re getting smarter, so are hackers. Everyday, cyber attackers are working on new ways to steal information. Knowing that cybercrime is going to keep evolving,  your company information is best protected by expert IT management. Intrinium professionals work “to accurately assess the security of systems and the information contained therein, two attack vectors should be considered; the attack that originates outside the network, and the vulnerabilities an organization presents inside the network perimeter.” For that, they offer “a comprehensive battery of tests and validations of controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.” That’s what’s needed–to protect sensitive information.So while hackers are working to steal our information, we’re working to better our defenses.


Source: CNET

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