All businesses, large and small, face the growing challenge of Information Security within the organization. As an SMB, we know you want to protect your clients’ data and meet compliance requirements without allocating a substantive part of your budget or deploying complex solutions tailored to a larger enterprise.


With minimum disruption to your organization, the Intrinium Assurance Silver package enables you to confidently answer questions like:

  • Is my business at risk from malware and ransomware attacks?
  • Am I vulnerable to common network attacks can that lead to loss or customer data?
  • Am I making the right investments to protect my data?

Utilizing Intrinium’s process, tools and expertise, we will deploy the leading industry approaches through an:

  • External Penetration Test
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan
  • Structured Risk Assessment



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  • Intrinium technical security professionals bring a rare blend of energy and knowledge to any information security audit or assessment.


    While our consultants are relentless in identifying your organizational risks, they also take the time to understand your environment and business cases, ensuring that remediation strategies are both comprehensive and obtainable.

    This unique approach has allowed Intrinium to grow from a boutique consulting firm to a regional security leader.


    External Penetration Testing

    An integral piece in the assessment of the strength of perimeter defenses for a network environment is an external vulnerability and network penetration test.

    The Internet is a necessity to conducting daily operations for most organizations. It is important to look at ALL information available about an organization from the Internet to ensure private data stays private, through the implemented precautions, firewalls, VPNs, etc. Simulating an external hacker, the tests are conducted using techniques observed in the wild to best represent your risk from opportunistic attackers.


    Internal Vulnerability Assessment

    It is essential to also turn the mirror internally and simulate an attack that originates from within the organization’s network perimeter defenses.

    This internal evaluation identifies vulnerabilities exposed by a malicious employee, or accidentally through the pervasive business demands and access to the organizations’ IT assets. In contrast to the External Penetration Test, the internal assessment is performed collaboratively to maximize value and identify the most critical issues.


    Tailored Risk Assessment

    Identifying the risks externally and internally are important, but implementing efficient and appropriate safeguards is required to truly be secure. Intrinium’s comprehensive risk assessment utilizes industry’s best practices and considers organizational compliance requirements to:

    • Development of a risk profile with reasonable and foreseeable threats
    • Determination of controls currently in place to mitigate those threats
    • An evaluation of control design, to identify any gaps in the design
    • A residual risk analysis, to determine if additional controls should be implemented

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