Remote Pentesting in an Isolated World

Remote Pentesting in an Isolated World

All the discussions and media coverage surrounding COVID-19 are enough to make anyone wish to unplug from it all and while this is admittedly a fantastic way of cleansing the mental palette to focus on the more essential aspects of life, cyber criminals are working from home too. Unfortunately, that means the threat of malicious activities does not decrease at a time when organizations are making rapid, and often minimally security reviewed, changes to their infrastructure to support working from home. At  Intrinium, we understand and strive to engage our close family of clients in a manner unburdening them of other protocols and stressors revolving around COVID while ensuring their rapidly changing networks are still secure.

Intrinium has refined our penetration testing process to limit client interaction and danger as much as possible through an unnoticeable and smooth project operations. Let us walk you through the typical process that is and has always been expected of our penetration testing team.

It all starts with our small non-intrusive testing appliance which is kept in secured storage to limited exposure by any individuals. We always provide a multipoint sanitation process to ensure a safe transition into your space which includes both chemical sanitization and a time delay (COVID-19 only lives on surfaces for a couple of days). For shipping, we carefully isolate the appliance within our secured shipment container where it rests until it arrives at your doorstep. Once it has arrived, follow the simple instructions included for plugging the device into power and your network. From there, our unobtrusive box automatically establishes a heavily encrypted connection back to our headquarters. Of course, please wash your hands well after handling the container, one never knows who has been in contact with it during shipping!

During the project, all interactions with your business are heavily secured to ensure your information is not exposed in any fashion, right down to encrypted email, data, and logs. During this phase our seasoned experts begin our process of safely evaluating your businesses network, removing false positives, and verifying the risks determined. At this stage everything aside from powering on our device has been free of any interaction from you. Your daily tasks will not be impacted and, in the majority of cases, no one will even notice testing is taking place!

Once all our testing is complete, we remotely wipe all sensitive information from the device and power it down. Lastly, it is as simple as packing the equipment back into its secured container with our prepaid shipping label to get it back to us for disinfection and to be readied for the next project. The comprehensive report covering everything from narrative manual testing findings through recommendations on how to fix all issues will then be emailed within two weeks, usually  less.

If you are ready to get started, contact us today for immediate remote consultation.

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