Stability Desktop Armor

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Stability Desktop Armor provides unified threat protection for your devices that access important data on your network. We help your business stay up to date with industry-leading anti-virus, anti-malware and patching to keep your network and devices secure. Twice monthly reporting to all stakeholders makes issue resolution simple for your team. Stability Desktop Armor includes bi­ monthly reporting for all stakeholders. Resolve any issues with your team, or we can resolve for a low hourly rate.

Utilizing lntrinium’s expertise, processes, and tools, we will deploy the leading industry approaches:

Pro-Active Anti-Virus

The industries best and most frequently updated anti-virus solution.

Always On Anti-Malware

Blocks ransomware at the pre-execution stage.

Automated Patching

Incorporates Operating System level and third party patching to end points.

Stability Desktop Armor will:

Lower Your Overhead

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Makes desktop security simple to manage

  • Reduce management and support costs
  • Low, predictable monthly investment for service
  • Bi-Monthly reporting for transparency and focused action
Allow You to Always be "On"

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Freedom to conduct business whenever, wherever

  • Prevent issues before they cause downtime and loss of data Best of breed Anti-Virus and
  • Anti-Malware
  • Blocks Zero-Day exploits and previously unknown malware
Give You Security on the Go

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Peace of mind in a world full of unknown threats

  • Automated patch pushes for devices offline during patch window
  • OS Level patching and 3rd Party patching for 80+ applications
  • Easy roll back for patch conflicts

We offer two levels of service to fit the needs of your organization, Gold and Platinum which is inclusive of the following end points:

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