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Intrinium Vigilance™ Firewall is a comprehensive solution that has the flexibility to grow with your organization and budget. We provide firewall protection between your network and the internet, protecting your business against hacking, viruses, fraud, and internal threats.

The Vigilance™ Firewall Management Service will provide:

24x7x365 Protection of Network Data

Your firewall infrastructure is monitored 24x7x365 to allow immediate response to threats before damage is done.

Performance Enhancements

Extend your security posture to the edge of your network. Exclusive end to end firewall management catered to your environment.

Uptime & Availability

Reduce the risk of network and service interruptions with timely patching, support systems, and policies to maintain optimally configured firewall appliances.

Supporting Compliance Requirements

Maintain compliance gaps requiring perimeter security, access control, and log analysis to satisfy compliance requirements of PCI, HIPAA, ISO and (other standards) to demonstrate compliance and control to auditors and leadership of all levels.

Management & Monitoring

Simplify and streamline the management and monitoring of your firewall appliances, removing the burden of administering, maintaining, and monitoring your firewall.

Vigilance™ Endpoint Monitoring Service

Endpoint security is the last line of defense. It is the software or agent directly attached to the User’s every move. Simply having anti-virus and anti-malware is not going to save your network. However, by utilizing the centralized component of your organization’s Endpoint Security, we will monitor the events and health of your Endpoints. Advanced threats will evade information security controls. This service improves awareness with our 24x7x365 team at the helm to detect signs of endpoint compromise in real-time.

Monitoring & Alerting

  • We see a threat activity in real time.
  • We save you money by pinpoint the affected systems
  • quickly allowing for immediate incident response.


  • Immediate notification to your key
  • Decision makers when if/or when an incident occurs.
  • High alert response time under 4 hours.

Vigilance™ Intrusion Detection & Prevention Service

Management of the Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) devices is complex. We allow you to optimize productivity by allowing us to keep yours tuned to the current threats and the network within your unique network.

Monitoring & Alerting

  • Receive remediation assistance and security consultation.


  • customizable support for even the most complex environments.

Unlike other vendors, we support co-management, our client’s retain ownership and administrative rights to your IDS/IPS appliances to the extent that is desired. With this approach, our team can alleviate the management, maintenance, and monitoring efforts without your team being locked out.

We are here to help, contact us today.

Gap Analysis 101

f you have spent any time around information technology or people who work in information security, you have probably heard terms like “risk assessment”, “audit”, and “gap analysis”. Sometimes they are used almost interchangeably. However, each has a specific objective to help stakeholders understand their data environment.

While an audit is used to identify control effectiveness and a risk assessment can identify what controls can be implemented to reduce risk, the gap analysis is designed to do exactly what it states – to identify gaps between the current environment and the organization’s required or desired state. This may be a specific regulatory compliance objective, such as how the organization meets the requirements of the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules or PCI-DSS. In many cases, an organization may want to be able to claim that they are compliant with an information security standard, such as ISO27001. In other instances, the organization may have developed a roadmap for where they plan to be in the future, and want to identify the current progress and next steps. A gap analysis can provide essential feedback for all three examples.

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