Policy Development and Management

The success of a security plan is contingent on the foundation of the organization’s policies and procedures. At Intrinium, we offer a tiered offering to develop and implement policies that fit within the confines of the organizations business needs as it relates to compliance requirements and best practices.

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Policy Templates, accompanied by consulting hours

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Policy Templates, with modest customization to fit business objectives, accompanied by additional consulting hours

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Policy Development, aligned with necessary security framework, accompanied by additional consulting hours

The core business objectives are to:

Align policy templates, standards, and guidelines with the NIST framework and other industry best practices.*
Support new and existing initiatives while addressing any conflict and confusion with revised policies, standards, and guidelines.*

*Silver, Gold or Platinum level deliverables may vary.

We have the capabilities to provide support and templates for:


Acceptable Computer Use Policy
Asset Management Policy
Breach Notification Policy
Data Classification Policy
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Policy
Information Security Policy
Remote Access Policy
Software Development Life Cycle Policy
Vulnerability Management Policy
Access Control Policy
Audit and Activity Review Policy
Change Management Policy
Data Retention and Disposal Policy
Encryption Policy
Password Protection Policy
Risk Management Policy
System Configuration and Application Hardening Policy
Wireless Security Policy
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Policy
Background Check Policy
Data Backup and Restoration Policy
Data Transmission Policy
Incident Response Policy
Physical Controls Policy
Security Awareness and Training Policy
Vendor Management Policy

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