Sharing cybercrime information now possible

Sharing cybercrime information now possible

One of the worst attacks we can face as businesses is cybercrime. It is a huge threat to our data, and though much can be done to prevent it, cyber criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to steal information. The best way to prevent future attacks and stop current criminals is for businesses to share information about attacks that have taken place, but unfortunately, many privacy laws have made it impossible to share this information. The good news, though, is that the government has put into place the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) to change this.

About CISA

CISA was actually passed and put into law in 2015, but only recently has the government officially released instructive guidance for businesses and final procedures for how the government handles that information. It was believed that many organizations had already been sharing information with each other illegally in order to protect themselves and their friends, so it makes sense that the government would want to regulate what information is being shared.

Through CISA, companies are not permitted to share any personal details about their customers as the information on the attack is being shared. For example, a customer’s name or contact information should not be shared even if that customer was involved in the attack, unless, for some reason, the information is vital in preventing future attacks. More or less, the government doesn’t care if you are helping prevent future attacks (in fact, it is encouraged), but they want to make sure you are still protecting the privacy of customers as previously outlined in other personal privacy laws.

A big change for healthcare

The healthcare industry is very strictly regulated when it comes to privacy of information. There seems to be nothing more important to the government than the privacy of a patient, so executives in these companies have been scared to share anything about cyber attacks. Now that it is legal to work together on fighting crime, healthcare organizations should expect to have a much easier time protecting their patients and ensuring that information really does stay private.

What this means for cybersecurity

Cyber security is going to be able to do much more than it has previously. With the sharing of information, more people will be aware of how cyber criminals are attacking and what information they are trying to get. IT Management companies are going to have a much easier time learning about the different types of cybercrime and finding ways to protect from it. More or less, the internet is going to become a safer place for businesses and individuals.

How your business will benefit

Your business can also rest easy knowing that putting all company information on the cloud instead of storing it on personal servers is actually very safe. The risk of cyber criminals stealing that information is going to decrease drastically, and preventative measures will be easier to put in place. In fact, using online storage and cloud-computing will be much safer because they don’t run the risk of losing information due to natural disasters.  And now you know that you can share information with other business owners, and it is safe to do so without worrying about legal consequences.

Source: Recode

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