Software Updates: A Necessary Annoyance?

Software Updates: A Necessary Annoyance?

Amazon Kindle users had until March 22, 2016, to update their older versions of their e-book readers. Earlier this year, Amazon announced the software update, and now, if you don’t update any older molders of the Kindle, users will lose their internet connectivity ability—which means users won’t be able to “download Kindle books from the Cloud, access the Kindle store, use other Kindle services on their device,” warns Amazon. With such consequences, users will have to update, but should the update be necessary, or is Amazon just trying to get more out of its customers?

A Seemingly Simple Kindle Software Update

Kindle users are required to install the recent software update o lose any internet connection—Amazon wants users to understand that it is an “important software update,” but we need to ask if such an update is as important as Amazon claims. When the update was first announced, the main update appeared to be the Kindle’s improved ability to buy e-books from Amazon, which seems like a lucrative software update for the company. The update also created quick toggle options, a new-and-improved home page, quote sharing to social media, and more, but many of those new features provide quick access and ready encouragement to buy books from the Amazon site. So is Amazon claiming the update to be required to ultimately get more from its users, or is the update really important?

Are All Software Updates Important?

Windows 10 is another software update that rolled out in the past year, and some users chose not to install the update. However, many users found that the update was automatically downloaded and installed on their devices. Has Microsoft, along with Amazon’s Kindle, crossed a line in forcing the update installation? That depends on how you see software updates. Many times software updates do provide users better technological features or, casually put, cooler interface options. While those upgrades may not be necessary, some additional software updates are necessary, because as a whole software isn’t perfect. And imperfect software needs to be updated, and not just to make it more appealing to users.

Software Updates Improve Significant Imperfections

Technology is improving on a continual basis, and as it does, imperfections in older software can be fixed. The more complicated software is, the more imperfections it’s likely to have. And if any imperfections are security-related, then updates are extremely important. Security risks are higher with outdated software, so updates allow users to patch up any holes to ensure the safety of their device and the information it holds. So before we complain about having to download and install yet another upgrade for our device, first, think about the benefit of not having to deal with problems that can later arise from outdated software.

Source: CNET

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