Solving Common Information Security Mistakes

Solving Common Information Security Mistakes

In today’s information security climate where the threat of an attack seems to grow every day, businesses are looking for new and comprehensive solutions to protect business, customer and employee data. Unfortunately, no matter how seemingly airtight your company’s information security program is, you may still fall victim to common mistakes. Those missteps, left unaddressed, can damage and further weaken your controls.

In this blog post, we will address three mistakes any company can fall victim to, and we’ll provide tips for resolving them.

Mistake: Lack of Visibility into Enterprise Processes and Assets

You can only fix the problems you know affect your network and systems. Unfortunately, in some organizations, there isn’t enough visibility into the network layout, connectivity to outside vendors or resources, current risk mitigation controls or reports documenting assessed risk and previous threats. Without this information, it is impossible to identify, let alone address, your risks.

Solution: Document processes, systems and technology assets, including identifying external connections and how various internal systems or processes intersect. To be useful, this view needs to be comprehensive and updated as enterprise systems or connectivity changes. Create new risk assessment maps and prioritize resources accordingly.

Mistake: Failing to Address the Root Causes of Information Security Issues

Another common issue is addressing information security breaches without taking the time to delve into, research and understand the underlying problems and fixing them at their sources. This type of corrective action is inefficient at best and an organization that takes this approach is likely to be besieged again with the same or similar problems.

Solution: Your IT department needs the right people handling information security. Those people, in turn, need the right technology solutions and the right processes and controls to effectively address problems correctly the first time. After an issue is resolved, your incident response team should define corrective action plans to help protect your organization from further attacks.

Mistake: Not Integrating Information Security in Everyday Operation and Business Practices

Many businesses tend to take a siloed approach to information security, relegating it strictly to the IT department. In too many companies, this leads to an overemphasis on data classification, permissions and access controls, information security awareness and similar activities at the expense of securing business processes. The end result is often business activities and operations that are less secure than they should be.

Solution: Companies that deliberately embed information security into their operations and business processes tend to be better-protected. Because the business policies and procedures were built with information security in mind, employees don’t necessarily need to consciously focus on security measures or controls.

Does Your Company Have the Tools and Resources It Needs to Avoid These Common Mistakes?

Your business’ customers, employees and shareholders rely on the organization’s information security program and policies to keep their information secure. Are you unknowingly making any of these key information security errors?

At Intrinium, we are committed to helping businesses meet their information security needs through a customized approach. Whether your company needs help with security and compliance, managed IT, cloud computing or backup and storage options, we can offer services and solutions designed to help you mitigate risk.

To learn more, connect with us online or call us today at 866-461-5099.

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