Stability for Dental IT

Stability for Dental IT

Managing medical environments from small clinics to a large hospital takes a certain level of finesse, knowledge, and operational understanding. Unlike many other medical practices, we have identified unique challenges that dental practices are facing across the United States. While HIPAA and other compliance requirements dictate strict regulatory parameters for all practitioners, there is always the opportunity to further secure business operations and patient data from vulnerabilities. Ultimately, maintaining uptime, optimizing productivity and effectiveness is the foundation to establish quality patient care beyond the practitioner’s trained expertise.

Now, more than ever maintaining a trusted relationship with your patients is critical and each interaction is your chance to reinforce your practices commitment to exceptional care. Whether you are in-clinic for a cleaning or receiving an email notification about your upcoming appointment or watching content from the operatory, technology has become an integral part of all dental practices. It has become critical in educating and empowering patients to take ownership of their own dental health. Understandably, managing the technology needed to support your business is far from the priority when focused on executing patient care, that is where Intrinium comes in.

As a security – first company, we have worked to support dental practitioners by keeping their systems safe and secure while reducing costs. Extended downtime, unreliable systems, or malicious attacks can lead to a loss of trust with your patients and community. It can also be expensive if a security incident occurs; the current estimated cost is around $150.001 for each individual record lost which can be compounded by additional fees incurred if you need to engage a third-party to investigate a system breach. Ensuring you have someone that understands how IT and Information Security should interact, especially with HIPAA in mind, is critical to any technology-vendor relationship — which is why it is our priority.

So, what is Intrinium’s vision for dental practices specifically? When it comes to supporting the patient experience, we believe every operatory should have multiple screens, allowing your staff to engage patients through the visit with entertainment overhead during treatment and well-positioned screens to show them treatment options and X-rays. Offering additional amenities like secure guest internet access for the parents of younger patients so they can work while they wait or informative display screens which highlight the values and accolades of your business. We also want to enable you and your staff to use technology to enhance your brand and outreach. And — above all else — keep you and your business online and secure so that you can focus on what really matters — providing the best care possible to your patients.

We’d love to discuss more with you our vision for ensuring technology is a competitive asset for your practice. Contact us today!

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