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Intrinium is a valued IT and security partner to Dr. C Family Dentistry. We have a dynamic strategy to quickly grow our dental group and need an IT provider who can match our velocity with proactive: 1. future IT planning, 2. responsive customer service, and 3. solutions.

Intrinium’s main business competency is in larger medical which is 20 years ahead of dental in terms of consolidation. An IT challenge that may look like a mountain to us dental guys, looks a speed bump to them. With their help, we are confident that our dental patient information is protected, our systems are up-to-date, and our risk is effectively managed.

– Josh Cochran, DMD

Managed IT for Emerging and Established Dental Groups and DSOs

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Intrinium was founded as a company focused on Security and Privacy. That focus is rooted in every service we provide and solution we offer. We understand the challenges Dental Groups and DSOs face making sure patients are being taken care of while protecting their privacy. We offer solutions that let you focus on your patients while we focus on your network!
Our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center was built with a security mindset, to not only optimize your up-time but allow you to feel confident that we have your best interest in mind. If we identify a potential threat, we will proactively communicate for optimal productivity. Whether its email, x-ray products, sensors, EHR software devices…we have the experience to ensure these devices are maintained.
With Stability, you can depend on:

1 on 1 Relationship Manager – Your office will be given a dedicated Relationship Manger who understands your business and will be there to support and guide you through your IT decisions!
100% Transparent Pricing – Our Managed Services use fixed, per-user pricing and your invoice describes each item, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for!
Quarterly Proactive IT Strategy Sessions – We will schedule an IT strategy session each quarter to listen and understand any challenges you’re having, help you plan for the future, and give you options on how to move forward!

Service Highlights

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Intrinium Remedy – Our solution to limit business downtime

The most effective way to deal with downtime caused by a ransomware attack, is to have an established incident response plan to allow your practice to recover quickly and get back to normal business. Our Disaster Recovery service, Remedy, will help you proactively plan for any downtime scenario, limit the scope and impact of a breach or ransomware attack, if or when it occurs. Our highly experienced and qualified Incident Responders will be readily available to get your practice running again so you can get back to normal business volume and hours.

HIPAA Compliance

Intrinium has over a decade of experience working in the healthcare space from regional healthcare centers to big-city hospitals, we have executed hundreds of comprehensive HIPAA solutions that comply with requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Civil Rights, bound to the NIST 800-30.

Contact Us!

Whether you are just beginning your dental practice or are looking to improve your already established office, Intrinium wants to work with you on your IT goals. Please contact us today to receive a free initial consultation.
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