Support IT and Security Operations

Support IT and Security Operations

As workforces are forced to operate in a de-centralized manner, organizations are challenged with not only the transition to enabling a remote workforce, but also providing operational IT and security support for their users. With all the chaos, it may seem easy to make rapid changes, but it’s important to revisit newly integrated technologies and ensure optimal security once transitions are complete.

In providing operational support, a host of factors should be considered. For one, are you requiring users to be connected to a VPN? Is the current VPN designed for the number of people that are suddenly using it? Then there are the logistics of just regular troubleshooting – how is your staff providing support to the workstations that people brought home?

From the security side – do you have adequate security controls to protect your employees? Tunneling all traffic from their workstations through a corporate datacenter to apply threat inspection is difficult and tends to cause user frustration. After all that, you still have to try and collect security tool traffic as well (SIEM, EDR, etc.).

Even without those tools, you are creating a point of failure with your VPN connection. So, what is the solution? For us, it is having a secure IT operational team in our NOC and SOC. We take on the operational load which lets your team focus on the projects necessary to keep your business thriving in the chaos. Our teams are able to protect and assist your employees from any Internet connection, ensuring you can focus on other initiatives to maintain critical business operations.

If you need assistance with transforming your technology deployment to a more de-centralized, secure, and available deployment, or with ensuring your operational needs are met, contact us now!

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