Survey reveals the top reasons businesses adopt managed IT services

Survey reveals the top reasons businesses adopt managed IT services

A recent survey sent out to chief information officers, vice presidents, directors and managers in the U.S. regarding managed IT services yielded some interesting results. Of those surveyed, 80% reported that they are currently using managed IT services. Approximately 20% reported that they are considering using managed IT services in 2016. The managed IT services industry is currently experiencing a boom in business and these survey results seem to reflect the interest that business owners have in managed IT services.

But managed IT providers also wanted to know what drove businesses to adopt managed IT services, which features business owners look for in managed IT provider, what business owners perceive as being the most important benefits, and which managed services were the most popular. These were the results.

Adoption drivers

The top three reasons survey responders gave for adopting managed IT services were becoming more efficient (36%), handling the increasing complexity of information technology (34%), and improving the reliability of their network (32%).

Managed IT provider selection

The most important feature that businesses look for in a prospective managed IT provider is a 24/7 support team with 46% of respondents saying that this was the most important thing. A close second was the reputation of the managed IT provider with 40% reporting that this was the most important consideration. Surprisingly low on the list was the geographic proximity of the provider to the business suggesting that remote service management has improved enough that distance is no longer a major issue for the majority of businesses.

Important benefits

When asked what they felt were the most important benefits that managed IT services offer a business, 37% reported that simplified IT management was the biggest. Right behind simplified IT management was improved cyber-security (33%) followed by increased efficiency (29%). Because two of these are right in line with adoption drivers, this suggest that improved security was an added benefit that many businesses didn’t even consider when choosing to adopt managed IT services.

Popular services

Backup/disaster and storage/recovery services were by far the most popular with 69% of respondents reporting that their business receives these services from their managed IT provider. Close behind was networking services with 66% reporting that they used this service. Hardware/infrastructure (65%) and end-user support (52%) were among the other top responses.

One thing is clear from the survey: more and more businesses are seeing the advantages of managed IT and are looking to a managed IT provider for their IT solution needs.

Source: PR Newswire

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