Tech Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe On the Road

Tech Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe On the Road

As summer approaches, many will be taking off for a week or two. If your travels do not let you escape from company business, it is important to be aware of tech travel risks and how you can avoid falling victim to the tech travel woes. Be aware of the best ways to keep connected while away from the office.

Public Does Not Mean Private in Technology

Be cautious of free public WI-FI. While work often lends to needing the internet and data charges can be expensive, you still want to be aware of the risks of accessing free public WI-FI. Some tech-savvy scammers can set up fake WI-FI connections so when you log into it, you open your device and all your information to scammers. So if you do need to connect to WI-FI, make sure it’s a legitimate connection. But just to be safe, avoid accessing websites with your sensitive information while you’re on public WI-FI. Wait to connect to your bank when you have a secure connection on a trusted WI-FI network.

On a similar note, public computers should be avoided if possible, unless you want you just want to relax with a game of Solitaire. Public computers could be filled with viruses or malware. Their upkeep is debatable, and if you are needing to do anything in regards to personal or business information, it is better to wait until you can access a secure computer or get home.

Secure your Devices on the Road

Travelers are always suggested to make sure their wallet and passport are safe from pick picketers. The same security should be given to your mobile device. Make sure you have a pin or passcode to enter your devices so if stolen, thieves can get in and get your information. It is always best to not keep your phone or tablet just hanging about, but if you cannot have it always in hand, secure it with a pin to protect someone from getting in.

If you know that you are going to need to use the internet to keep up on business while traveling, keep it all secure with a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs allow you to work on the internet, but using a system that mimics a secure server. So when you log into the private network, you can access all your information with the assurance of an encryption to ensure your information is secure and remains secure. You can also easily access a company intranet using a VPN.

Travel Smart by Traveling Secured

Maybe your company does not have its own VPN for you to access, but whatever you do, travel smart and travel safe. Make sure that when you are connecting to any information that is personal or sensitive that you keep your eyes open. Be cautious of what is out in the public. Whether it is the WI-FI or the computer, be aware of where people can hack into your devices, your accounts, and your information. Traveling can be a great adventure, but you probably do not want that information to included hacked data. So remember these tech tips and travel safe.

Source: Travel Pulse

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