Technology Turns Backward to Reach Global Market

Technology Turns Backward to Reach Global Market

Technology is getting better and bigger with every new smart phone and tablet. The iPhone 6S plus, in fact, had a retina HD display of 5.5 inches,  which was a significant size increase over the iPhone 6’s 4.7 screen size. While newer products are seeming to aim for the idea of go big or go home, the newest announcement of the Apple’s latest release, the iPhone SE, turns the table as its size is a minimal 4 inches. And that’s not the only thing that is decreased—the asking price is $399, monumentally cheaper than any other version of the iPhone. So why has Apple chosen to go cheaper and smaller—to reach the global market

Apple Responds to the Global Market

The global market and its demand for technology is growing, and Apple is rushing to capture that market. China and India are two large countries with large populations that aren’t immune to new technologies, and most of their citizens are more concerned about price than size. So Apple responded with a smaller, cheaper phone, one that has many of the same capabilities as its bigger and more expensive counter phones. But Apple isn’t the only one who has realized there’s a bigger market out there needing technology.

Technology Goes Retro to Reach Global Needs

Matt Dalio, CEO of Endless Computers, recognized that for many people in remote areas or third-world countries, technology is hard to come by. Major factors to lacking technology is less financial resources and limited power supply. So Dalio has come up with a simplified and affordable desktop computer. While desktops are outdated and old fashioned for many people in the United States, for many people participating in the global market, desktops might just be what they need to have technology as a resource.  Using a simple operating system, the computer uses an app-type system and comes equipped with education and health information. The computer also responds to an uncertain power supply, making it more relevant for people all over the world.

Global Market Needs Change Technology Outputs

As companies are turning more of their attention to the global market, they are starting to realize the need for a deeper variety of tech products. While bigger and better might be fitting for a U.S. market, companies have to come up with something different for consumers in Asia, South America and Africa. The markets there are growing exponentially, and companies have to be creative to keep up on their technological demands. As one tech expert  says, “The Apple that used to build one phone, one tablet, and a very narrow range of laptop and desktop computers is now long gone.” And other companies are going to have to do the same if they’re going to want to compete in the technology market that is quickly surpassing the U.S borders and extending to the millions of people globally.

Source: The Verge

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