The Benefits of the Cloud for Traveling

The Benefits of the Cloud for Traveling

Most people travel on a yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. And while many of our travels might be for leisure purposes, staying connected can cause a great deal of stress. So whether your travels are for business or pleasure, stay connected with the cloud.

Save Travel Space with the Cloud

One of the benefits of the cloud is that by storing everything online, you can access anything from anywhere. If you’re traveling with just a carry-on, you might not have space for your computer, tablet, and smart phone. But if your work files are only saved to your computer, your only choice is to bring all three. However, if you have your work files saved to the cloud, you can leave behind everything but your phone and avoid the stress of carrying heavy luggage and paying extra for a checked bag.

Physical space is not the only thing you will save. While traveling, you won’t have to worry about taking up all your phone memory or SD card space with the hundreds of pictures of you while visiting Big Ben. Rather, by saving photos and documents to the cloud, you have endless storage space for all those memories—memories that can now be accessed anywhere.

Backing Up Your Travel Docs Easily

One of the biggest travel fears of many is losing your photos and files. Getting a camera stolen while on a trip is the worst thing that can happen. But with cloud back-up and storage, you can take as many photos you want, and if you lose your phone, all your pictures are still saved to the cloud.

Or if you’re traveling and need to send your meeting notes back to the office, just save them to the cloud. Even better, you can take notes in a cloud-stored document and your coworkers can follow along as you type. Everything you do while traveling can be easily and securely stored through the cloud.

Staying Connected while Traveling

A difficult aspect of travel, especially when you travel overseas, is communication. Calling or texting long distance, or out of the country, can be costly. But with calendars, documents and files on the cloud, you won’t have to worry about texting your boss last minute asking the location of your London meeting. You can log into your calendar from anywhere, look at the notes relating to the meeting location, and get there on time, all without a last minute expensive call to back to your office in the states.

Save time, save space, save stress by traveling with the cloud.

Source: Forbes

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