The Cloud: It’s time to switch

The Cloud: It’s time to switch

When the cloud first came out and people started talking about it, nobody would have guessed we’d be putting our lives on the cloud one day. But we have gotten to that point, which means it is about time we start using the benefits of the cloud in our everyday lives including in our businesses. A recent survey of 200 IT execs done by the Cloud Security Alliance and Skyhigh Networks shows that more businesses are making the switch to the cloud and that more people are finding confidence in what the cloud can do for them, according to Integration Developer News. Here are a few reasons you should consider switching to the cloud if you haven’t yet.

Ability to work from anywhere

When you have all of your company information and programs stored in the cloud, you have the ability to work from anywhere. Not only is this an advantage to your business in being able to get the job done even when home sick, but it also allows you to keep your company up and running in the event that you aren’t able to open your office for work during the day. If there was a natural disaster or theft limiting your use of computers at the office, you’d still be able to accomplish anything needed during the day remotely.

Security of the Cloud

One of the biggest advantages to switching to the cloud is security, though it is also one of the biggest hurdles in getting companies to take the leap for change. Few companies have trusted their information to be safe in the cloud, especially when it comes to protecting important documents and personal client information. But that is where we are starting to see a huge change. Now that businesses are starting to put more trust in the cloud and the ability to protect client information and private company documents with encryptions, there have been many more companies interested in changing to the cloud.

It was found that cloud based systems have lower upfront costs, faster implementation, and better user experience, according to Integration Developer News. Though the line of business is a factor in determining how effective cloud-based systems will work for your business, it has been shown that IT executives who are willing to make the change have been happy with the new cloud-based system. Cyber attacks are a real thing, but it would be just as possible for someone who wants your information to break into your place of business and steal computers or private information off your computers.

The right change for you

Of course, before making a change to a cloud-based system, you’ll want to speak with a professional managed service provider who can help you decide if the change is best for you. They can help address any concerns you may have about making the change and give you a list of pros and cons related to your line of business. Ultimately, you have to decide if the change is right for you, even if the top IT executives are encouraging the change.

Source: Integration Developer News

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