The Cloud Offers Solution for Crowded Data Space

The Cloud Offers Solution for Crowded Data Space

Collaboration in any workplace is a good thing. But when collaboration leads to an excessive amount of data on an already bogged-down shared space, the future looks crowded.

Here’s a common scenario in any organization. A person creates a document and saves it to the server. That person then emails it to a superior, who downloads a copy to the server, makes some changes, saves a new version of the document, and sends it back to the creator. That person then downloads the edited copy, makes changes and saves a new copy to the server. That copy is then emailed to 20 other people, who all save it to a personal folder within the server. Now, continue that for a few more rounds. Then add in more documents. By this time, there are now over fifty copies of a hundred different documents saved to one workplace server. Sound crowded?

Data storage can be a convoluted mess, especially if you are trying to work within the confines of one folder, or one computer, or one server. Sharing and collaborating becomes complex when you have to assign labels to the most recently modified or latest version. But luckily, these days there is a solution: the cloud.

The Cloud Provides Endless Storage for A Small Price

There are more than a dozen different cloud solutions, different ones offering platforms or particulars to meet a variety of needs. The one thing they all have in common is floating storage, or rather, a location to store vast amounts of documents, and almost all of them offer their services at a relatively low price. So even if you have a hundred versions of a document, you can save them all on the cloud, without the stress of clogging up your network files and server.

The Cloud Provides Clean Collaboration

The cloud provides 24-hour access of work documents to anyone with an internet connection. So when Frank is creating a presentation for the board, he can invite Stacy, Peter, and Bill to provide feedback on the same document at the same time, and as Frank implements the changes, the others can instantly respond. Forget about sending a document to 10 people and trying to coordinate all of their responses—the cloud does it easily.

Considerations for Cloud Data Storage Options

When considering your storage options, especially within the cloud, there is quite a bit to consider. Do you want your cloud service to provide encryption to secure the information? Do you want the cloud files to be searchable, or rather have the particulars of the files be classifiable? Do you want your cloud server to automatically update to newer versions?

Those are just some of the questions one can ask when considering the cloud. Consider what is the best system for collaboration and storage provisions and go from there. There are many cloud options, options that can provide any organization optimal storage, collaboration and workplace efficiency.

Source: BSMInfo

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