The First Question for Every Company Every Day: How Secure Are We?

The First Question for Every Company Every Day: How Secure Are We?

For many companies, a failure to properly organize a digital security detail means a loss of business. With more personal and financial information from clients taken every day, every company owes it to the marketplace to secure itself on a daily basis. The threat of a breach is more prevalent than ever. Hackers are now using automated systems that continuously attack targets from brute force and technical perspectives. There is very little room for error.

In order to build and maintain a level of security that everyone in the organization can count on, a company must employ a philosophy of continuous improvement to its information security. “How secure are we?” is always the first question to ask, and there are levels to the answer.

Real Time Performance Indicators

The lifeblood of any security feature is your ability to analyze and change it in real time. It can be difficult to maintain an objective assessment of what is working and what is not. Even some of the largest tech companies in the world outsource the analysis of performance metrics to outside entities. Companies like Intrinium are fully prepared to take this role, giving you a hard nosed look at the security features that need to remain current.

Issues such as authorization and authentication must take place in real time. If your business is in any way virtual or remote, you entrust a great deal for your data to long stretches of deployment and employees you may not even have personal contact with. It is essential to maintain a information security program to protect your intellectual property and vital customer data.

Top Challenges to Prioritize

Every company will have weaknesses that are different from others in the field. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to security, especially if you are facing a hacker with a bit of ingenuity. Your defense must be just as creative. With this in mind, knowing what your top challenges are will keep your business prepared, looking in the right direction, and deploying resources into the correct places to shore up potential problems.

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