The Fortinet Accelerate 2019 Recap

The Fortinet Accelerate 2019 Recap

Each year, our trusted partner, Fortinet curates a conference that brings together users and partners alike across various industries to network, collaborate, and attend hands-on training sessions focused on the security and compliance challenges they have in common in the wake of digital transformation. This conference allows the attendees to conversate and collaborate with some of the unique challenges and opportunities that we face as security experts.

Fortinet Accelerate 2019 took place on April 8th-11th in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, where Managed Security team members, Sahan Fernando, and James Lee attended on behalf of Intrinium. This year’s conference reaffirmed the explosive growth in the security sector. We are seeing an increase in vendors adding security to their offerings as a need to keep up with the trend.

From a technology standpoint, we were excited to see SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) newly integrated with FortiGate’s new 100F. This Firewall appliance has a dedicated chip that delivers 10 times the performance of traditional FortiGate models when implementing SD-WAN. Utilizing this device and enabling SD-WAN can significantly increase performance while also providing more granular customization- letting businesses have greater control over which applications have priority regarding internet and bandwidth usage. Additionally, there are a lot more options for orchestration and automation, which will only allow us to continue to be more efficient and effective at monitoring your networks. We look forward to applying our continued education and enrichment to serve your business with the highest quality service.

Top Left to Right: Photo 1, Beware: There are alligators in Orlando, watch out, Photo 2, James Lee, with a warm welcome, Photo 3, Inside the resort, Photo 4, A Night at Epcot, sponsored by Fortinet, Photo 5, Speaker and Astronaut, Jerry Linenger. Bottom Left to Right: Photo 1, The new 100F union, Photo 2, The conference room floor, Photo 3 and 4, The closing party.






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