The Intrinium Review, September 2020

The Intrinium Review, September 2020

Autumn is finally upon us here in the Inland Northwest, and while the temperatures slowly drop outside, the work is staying hot here at Intrinium! In fact, we have recently added another 4 members to our team in order to stay ready for all of our customers needs! We anticipate a busy season ahead, and we are ready to keep our clients safe and moving forward through 2020 with the best possible service. Whether you need equipment upgrades, penetration testing, a new view on your company’s security risks or any of the other multitude of services we offer, we are ready to help 24/7.

And we are also proud to remind you that Intrinium is now supporting dental and orthodontics offices, their security needs, and the special challenges of coming back to the office after COVID-19 with our Dental IT program. Whether you are a dental practice or if you have any questions regarding this challenge and how Intrinium can be of service, please contact our office. This new program is growing rapidly, and we are loving to see how we can better serve our communities dental needs and help keep patient information safe and secure.

While the world continues to change daily for many of us – that doesn’t mean malicious hackers have slowed down at all. To be sure to keep up to date and to learn more about all relevant cybersecurity news, feel free to take a peek at our recent blogs below.

Thank you again for your continued support of Intrinium, our employees and their families during this time. As always, our team is here to help, please reach out to us here with any questions, comments or concerns.


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