The Risks of Assuming You Are Completely Secure and Protected

The Risks of Assuming You Are Completely Secure and Protected

Sometimes in order to protect ourselves, we do all we can to make sure we are fully protected from cyberattacks or phishing schemes or malware. However, sometimes we assume we are fully protected, but we forget some simple things that are easy to miss.

Do Not Count On Just One Security Option

Cyberattacks can come from any end. It can be downloaded from a website or an email or any other internet connection out there. There is not a one-product solution or a one-strategy problem solver. There are many ways we can secure our devices and our information, so take advantage of what is available to make sure you and yours is protected.

Network-based Security

Often times people will purchase a security package for their computer and feel safe in knowing that the security package will take over everything and be able to protect every end of the computer. A great addition is network-based security. Network-based security works outside of the local device so if malware is downloaded on a computer, the malware cannot disable the security program. If you have a just a regular security program installed on your computer, if malware is downloaded on your computer, then the malware can stop the security program from functioning on the computer and open you up to a whole host of security problems.

Network Email Filtering

Email is one of the most common and simple ways to become victim to cyberattacks. Spam emails can carry links that can release malware. As hackers get more experienced, they can mimic a known email address, send an email, and request you to click on a link or download a file. That can release a cyberattack on your computer. With network email filtering, you can block malicious emails before they can be opened.

Internet Filtering

Fake URLs, malvertising and other means are ways that people can steal information or hack into a computer through the internet. Web filters can prevent users from reaching dangerous areas of the web or sites that have been listed as malicious. A simple web filter for your network can save a great deal of stress for you and other internet users.

Avoid Buying and Installing and Feeling Done

Cybercrime is constantly changing, as security needs to as well. Sometimes we buy a product, install it and think we are safe from intrusion. In reality, we need to have a security service not just a product. Make sure your security is constantly updating as new information is obtained and systems are improved. Do not assume that simply installing a program is going to be an end-all protection. Use every possible means to make sure your devices and information are secure.

Source: Business Solutions

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