Three IT trends to watch for in 2016

Three IT trends to watch for in 2016

The year 2015 was a big one for managed IT services. As the year draws to a close it’s important to not only reflect on the past but to look forward to the coming year. Here are three IT trends you can expect to see in 2016.

More demand for managed services and more specialization

Already, demand for managed services has grown immensely in recent years. You can expect to see that trend continue into 2016. As managed service providers continually add additional services and improve on existing ones, more and more small and mid-sized businesses are going to take notice. Also look for managed service providers to begin to specialize even more. MSPs will specialize in technologies such as cloud computing, security, and vertical markets such as financial services and healthcare.

Vendor consolidation will continue

As demand for managed services increases, so will supply. As the managed service marketplace becomes crowded, look for vendors to streamline their portfolios. That doesn’t necessarily mean offering less services, but reevaluating the tools and solutions they’re using and continuously consolidating by only using the very best. Vendors that consolidate will do better in 2016 and the coming years as the marketplace fills up.

Greater emphasis on data protection

The year 2015 saw a large number of high profile data breaches. Cyber-attacks have never posed a bigger threat. As a result, expect cyber-security to be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind in 2016. Expect to see more business owners placing greater emphasis on cyber-security whether that’s for cloud-based backup or on-premise storage. Two areas that managed service providers are going to place even more focus on in 2016 is data encryption and redundancy. MSPs that can offer military-grade encryption are going to be the most successful due to the importance business owners are going to be placing on data security this year. MSPs that offer managed online backup will also have a lot more success because it provides business owners with redundancy. Their important data will be in more than one location in the event of some kind of disaster that wipes some of it out.

The year 2016 has the potential to be big for managed service providers as more business see the value in using managed services. But to be truly successful in 2016, MSPs will need to watch the trends and adapt their business models accordingly to stay relevant as business’s needs change.

Source: MSPMentor

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