Three reasons to invest in cloud-based and offsite backup

Three reasons to invest in cloud-based and offsite backup

Disaster can strike at any time. A hacker can get into your network and steal sensitive data. An employee can accidentally delete files that are critical for the running of your business. A flood, earthquake, fire, or other natural disaster can cause critical data loss. Approximately 25% of businesses who suffer critical data loss never recover and have to close their doors for good. There are several ways that businesses can protect important data. Investing in good cyber-security is a must to defend against theft or data loss due to a virus. Regularly backing up files is also important in case an employee’s mistake, or system failure causes the loss of important files.

But these security measures might fall short in the event of a natural disaster. Even if you’re backing up your files regularly, if those backed up files are stored on the premises, a disaster could destroy your files as well as your backed up files. Though onsite backup is sufficient in most cases. Cloud-based and offsite backup solutions will provide the best protection for your business’s data.

Here are three reasons your business should invest in offsite backup.

  1. Data is the lifeblood of your business

In the modern era, company data is absolutely critical in order to be efficient and operate smoothly. Data loss can completely ruin a company depending on what is lost and how much. If financial records are lost, for instance, your business might become non-compliant with federal or state regulations regarding financial record keeping and you can be fined. If the sensitive information of your customers is lost, your business can face huge lawsuits. In some cases, data loss could spell the end for an entire company so it’s absolutely critical that business owners take every possible precaution to protect their important data.

  1. It’s foolproof

As already mentioned, onsite backup has its limitations. The biggest problem with onsite backup is that the data stored there can be wiped out along with the original files in the event of a natural disaster or cyber-threat. If you invest in cloud-based and offsite backup however, you can be assured that your data is constantly being backed up regardless of whether your employees are remembering to save important files to a backup drive. Offsite backup guarantees that you can go back, to virtually any date in time, to retrieve files that were accidentally deleted, corrupted by a virus, stolen by a hacker, or destroyed by a natural disaster.

  1. It’s cheaper in the long run

Investing in offsite backup is a lot like paying for health insurance. As long as everything is going smoothly, you may feel like it’s a wasted expense, but when there’s an emergency, you’re glad you’ve been paying for it. Offsite backup is an additional expense for your business, but it’s a lot better in the long run, especially if your business experiences some kind of data loss and offsite backup allows you to keep your doors open.


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