Three reasons you should leave IT security to an MSP

Three reasons you should leave IT security to an MSP

Cyber-security has never been more important for small and mid-sized businesses as new cyber threats continue to arise. A recent survey of 300 IT decision makers revealed that 81% planned on increasing their annual IT security budget in 2016. Additionally, 81% reported that they believed outsourcing IT solutions would benefit their business.

It seems that 2016 is a year when many small and mid-sized businesses will be looking to a managed IT service to provide their cyber-security solutions. Here are three reasons small and mid-sized business owners would be wise to consider outsourcing their IT security to a managed service provider (MSP).

Extensive resources

In the same survey cited above, 60% of IT decision makers reported that they believed their businesses were more vulnerable to a cyber attach because they lack the necessary resources to maintain their defenses. To get enterprise-grade cyber-security, businesses would have to make a significant investment to purchase all of the necessary equipment, software, and personnel to manage it. Because most smaller businesses can’t afford that expense, teaming up with an MSP is a great way to get enterprise-grade security at a more affordable price because they already have the resources.

Better preparation

Nearly half of survey respondents said that they felt unprepared to deal with insider threats and 45% said they were unprepared for unsecured internal or external networks. Preparedness is key for any good IT security solution. Fortunately for small and mid-sized business owners, MSPs are prepared. Because they work with many clients and manage the IT security for many different types of business, they have the experience and expertise to make sure any business is prepared for cyber-threats. They can also help SMBs understand the various types of cyber-threats and help them be prepared for them.


A third of survey respondents said that they juggle multiple IT responsibilities in addition to handling IT security. There are many different specialties when it comes to IT. Smaller businesses can often only afford a small number of IT professionals that have to handle all of the IT needs for that business. With a MSP, you have people who specialize in cyber-security. Businesses can choose how much they want to invest. They can hire an MSP to handle their security freeing up their IT people to handle other IT responsibilities or they can hire an MSP to managed all of their IT needs.

Source: MSPmentor

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