Time to make a change with cyber security

Time to make a change with cyber security

Every company with online assets runs the risk of dealing with cyber-attacks. It is becoming more common for businesses to store company data online, but those same companies are risking problems with cyber security because they never stop to think about it. They just assume everything will be fine or don’t realize how much information they really have that might be stolen. Cyberattacks have increased exponentially in the last year, and hackers are after your information. This is why it is so important for your company to make a change with cyber security. Here are three things for your company to do if you want to make cyber security a bigger priority, courteously of ZDNet.

Start at the top

If the highest executives in the company aren’t able to recognize that there is a potential security threat, you’re never going to be able to make a change to improve things. By starting at the top, you’ll ensure that you are getting the attention you need to make a change and to protect your company from any potential security threats. If it is just a small company, there might just be one or two people to discuss the problem. If you are working at a large company, it might mean speaking with a whole board of directors. Whatever the case, starting at the top can only help with a cyber security problem.

Policies and procedures for everyone

Every company is going to have multiple people on multiple computers who have access to potentially letting in threats to your company’s security. In a large company, there are so many hands in the pot that it can feel impossible to really protect your company information. Once a threat gets in, it will spread through the office like wildfire, which could completely ruin your equipment and steal all your company information. Training your employees on policies and procedures related to computer use and protecting their computers is going to be the best way to ensure security in the company. One of the best ways to do this training is to work with a managed IT service provider because they can help create the policies and train all employees. If you can get all of your employees protected, your chances of getting any kind of virus or letting in a hacker is going to be much smaller.

Identify and protect valuable assets

Spend time working to determine what the most valuable assets are at your company. That way, you know exactly what information needs more protection than the others. Once you have identified the most important things to keep protected, it is easier to ensure those specific things are being more protected than the rest. With an IT service provider, they will help you identify your weakest areas and most important areas to protect and then ensure that you have the security needed to keep your company safe. Don’t let your most valuable asset, information, be stolen.

Source: ZDNet

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