Top 5 reasons to have 24/7 IT support

Top 5 reasons to have 24/7 IT support

One of the biggest advantages to working with an IT service provider is that they can provide 24/7 support at the office or remotely depend on the situation and what needs to get fixed. This is huge, especially if it comes at a minimal cost. Here are 5 reasons to get 24/7 IT support through a managed IT service provider.


Hiring an in-house IT team on a full-time basis can be really expensive, and they may not have enough work to be worth keeping them on staff all the time. They usually like to work 9-5 too, which means you won’t get the 24/7 support that you need. With an IT service provider, you will pay less because they are working for multiple companies to keep them busy, and they can afford to have workers available all day without charging you too much money.


 An IT service provider can afford to pay for the best employees possible who have the most expertise in their fields. They will work together to make sure everything is working properly for your company, and you won’t have to worry about making sure you’ve hired the right person for the job.

Work anytime

When you have 24/7 IT support, you can afford to pay your employees to work late night shifts or other odd-hour times because you have the support to keep all your systems up and running. Even if you run a 9-5 company, it is nice to be able to let your employees stay late getting work done or even come in on weekends if they have more to get done. You might even like getting to the office at off hours knowing everything is still going to work properly.

Keep your website on all the time

In this world of technology where your customers may be doing research on your business during the middle of the day or in the middle of the night while they can’t sleep, you want to make sure your website is always up and running. A managed IT service provider works all day and all night to make sure your website won’t fail anytime, or if it does crash, it will be up quickly.

Customer relationships/portals

Your customer relationships are important. If a customer is having a good experience, they will keep coming back and may even refer people they know to your business. One of the quickest ways to lose a customer is to let things crash on them while they are trying to use online portals to access their information. This needs to be working all the time, but you aren’t going to be at the office all the time to help them if the customer portal is down. Having 24/7 IT support means that the managed IT service provider will keep the site up and running and make sure to fix any problems immediately when they are discovered. Your customers will always be able to get their problems fixed immediately, which means you will have better customer retention and more sales.


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