Top 5 reasons to use IT managed services

Top 5 reasons to use IT managed services



There are a lot of reasons your company might be considering making the change to an IT managed service. It is really beneficial when opting to provide 24/7 support for your customers and employees, but there are many other reasons to switch to IT managed services. In fact, here are 5 reasons that businesses have listed for using IT managed services for their company, thanks to a CompTIA survey.

  1. Improve Security

This is a surprising one for a lot of companies because many people believe that the cloud and access through online channels lowers security; however, a team of professionals working with your business will help look for security loopholes and ensure that encryptions are in place to protect all your data. And IT managed service team is just the kind of group to double check your security standards.

  1. Gain a proactive approach to IT problems/initiatives

Rather than wait for problems to happen and try to fix them, you’ll be much better off if you’re trusting someone else to find the problems before they happen. It is especially good to know that any IT issues will be found by a managed service provider before a client finds it.

  1. Increase uptime

This is related to having 24/7 IT support which is available when using an IT managed service. You will be able to avoid problems with your server and keep your employees working while, at the same time, making sure there is support available even when the office is closed.

  1. Gain access to newer technologies

Most businesses don’t have time to research new technologies and determine whether or not is going to be worth switching to them, but you also don’t want to get caught falling behind the competition because you haven’t made any changes. An IT managed service will let you know when it is time to change and will give you access to the new technologies.

  1. Save costs over in-house IT

An in-house IT team means paying full-time for a bunch of employees to work just in case there are problems that come up. You also have to pay even more if you expect 24/7 service. Rather than paying for that, you can pay for IT managed service, which means they are available to you 24/7 regardless of whether or not you have issues that day that need to be resolved. It is a much less expensive way to go, especially given how much value you get out of it.

Getting an IT managed service will help your business to grow by allowing you to focus on what you do best while the managed service takes care of any and all IT problems that come your way. It is really the best and least expensive way to take care of your IT needs.

Source: CompTIA

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