Top five project management predictions for 2016

Top five project management predictions for 2016

Most people see project management as a pretty static field. In the business world, project management will always play an important role, nothing is changing there. However, there are always some changes and movements happening. Here are five project management trends to watch for in 2016.

Emergence of CPOs

In the last few decades we’ve seen the emergence of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position, and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) position. Well expect the next big C-level position to emerge in 2016. That position will be Chief Project Officer (or CPO). Project management is going to continue to be an important part of the business world and businesses will recognize this.

Decrease in PMOs

Too many project management offices (PMOs) are failing to serve organizations well. Often this is the result of a lack of strong leadership at the top of the PMO. Too often, the PMO leader gets caught up in managing projects and fails to manage the PMO itself. Expect a shift away from centralized project management and a decline in PMOs as businesses turn to CPOs and a decentralized project management infrastructure.

Shift away from PM certification

In 2016, organizations are going to place less emphasis on PM certification. They might include on a job posting that PM certification is “preferred” or “nice to have” but even that is going to become less common and requiring PM certification will be even less common than that. Even now, organizations that are listing PM certification as “preferred” on job postings aren’t really discussing certification when it comes to the proceedings leading up to engagements. Instead businesses are more interested in finding experienced project managers regardless of certification.

Decentralized project management

Though this prediction might seem to contradict the emergence of the CPO prediction, it actually doesn’t. The CPO position will emerge in the PM community but you’ll also see an increase in the use of project managers and consultants.

Increased reliance on remote project management

This is a trend everyone should see coming. As project management tools are constantly improved upon, it’s getting easier and easier to create a virtual team and manage a project remotely. Gone are the days that project management teams need to be gathered around the same table. Professional service organizations are already moving towards more geographically dispersed teams. In 2016, many project managers and project management teams will never meet each other but will successfully collaborate on important projects.

Source: CIO

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