Transform your company with virtualization

Transform your company with virtualization

Virtualization is a concept that is not widely understood but an important one for businesses looking to push their company into the future and transform their work environments. Efficiency is the key for every business because it means you are getting more done in less time. With virtualization, you’ll be able to boost the efficiency within your business and limit a lot of the problems you may currently be facing. You may need to work with your managed IT service provider to determine how and when to make the change to more virtualization. Here are a couple of different things from IT Pro Portal to consider.

Two different types of virtualization

There are many different ways to get virtualization into your company, but there are two that are more important to focus on than the rest.

Desktop virtualization: Most people refer to this as “remote desktop,” or the ability to access your desktop from literally any other computer if you have the right credentials. The advantages to this are endless because it allows you and your employees a lot of flexibility to work from anywhere to get their work done. If an employee needs to take a few sick days, they can still meet their deadlines, and you can even provide more opportunities for employees to work from home on a regular basis. As the Millennial generation is starting to become a bigger part of the workforce, remote positions are becoming much more popular, and it may benefit you to be able to offer that kind of flexibility.

Server virtualization: This concept is a little more complex. A virtual server masks the location of the server unknown, so it can’t be traced back to a location or a specific server. On top of that, it allows you to cut back on the amount of equipment each employee needs because they are all using a virtual server rather than having one server worth of hardware per employee. It also makes it much easier to streamline updates to all the employees because you are able to send it out through the one server and have it automatically updated rather than stopping at every employee’s desk to make an update. Overall, it is a much better way to keep your employees working and will save you time and money in the end.

Is it for you?

You will need to decide if this kind of change is really for your business, and an IT expert can help you make that decision. One of the biggest problems with it is that there are security challenges. Though it is definitely possible to secure all information used with virtualization, a lot of people still worry about it. It hasn’t stopped most businesses from being willing to make the switch though. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages because it will provide that efficiency you have been looking for in your business. However, it is still a choice you are going to have to make with your managed IT service provider.

Source: IT Pro Portal

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