Using Initiatives from COVID for the Long Term

Using Initiatives from COVID for the Long Term

With the world focused on COVID-19, everyone is understandably concerned about how to survive the short-term. The strategy has been radically changed, but that is ok – we know that as a global community we will come away from this. One of the observations that we have made is that the pandemic has accelerated a growing trend of having people work from home.

A large amount of the workforce had already been pushing for this benefit, particularly in order to combat increasingly difficult costs of living in larger cities. With the use of technologies, firms can hire and retain talent from all over the globe without needing to pay relocation costs, electricity, Internet, and other administrative costs around office space while giving employees the benefit of no commute among others.

We believe that this is the opportunity for businesses to adapt and succeed on the other side – use technology in order to securely have your employees work from anywhere. Utilizing cloud and hybrid technologies, this can be done at scale and in alignment with your business growth – everything from IT Operations, Security Monitoring, Email and Unified Communications (Phone/Conferencing/Chat), and File Sharing can be done.

Some examples are utilizing Microsoft Online for Email and File Sharing (Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint) as well as your communications (Teams). All these solutions are integrated and thus you receive the collaboration benefits as well as simplifying support for your end-users. Furthermore, you can use Alienvault’s USM Anywhere to monitor your endpoints no matter where they are without a VPN while also monitoring your Cloud Technologies for security incidents, such as ransomware A Managed Service Provider will ideally provide secure remote access and proactive monitoring for machines as well.

While all these changes work in the short term, they will empower you in the long term to be agile and reach more customers and employees. We hope that you all stay safe and continue to support your communities!

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