Value Alert! 10 IT Experts for the Price of One Via Managed IT Services

Value Alert! 10 IT Experts for the Price of One Via Managed IT Services

When it comes to your IT budget, it is not often you come across a real value opportunity. But when it comes to improving services and information security and keeping costs under control, consider the use of a Managed IT Service Provider. In a very real sense, a managed services provider is like bringing in multiple experts into your IT department.

Information Technology firms like Intrinium bring a number of skilled engineers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to bear on the needs of your business. By providing a range of services for multiple clients, they have an operational model that includes SMEs in multiple disciplines, shared across their ecosystem. Let’s face it – just keeping up with applying security patches is hard enough, but dealing with the continuous flow of regulatory changes and technology updates is a real challenge. One that can take your eye off the ball of running your business! Let’s take a look at a few functional areas in more detail.

Availability and Network Access

In today’s connected and online world, many businesses also depend on continuous availability. “Business Hours” have changed, and customers expect to be able to reach you whenever it is convenient for them. When using a Managed Services IT provider, your network will be monitored for reliability and availability 24x7x365. You need a team of people to make this happen!

Security and Compliance

IT firms will have SMEs with specific regulatory expertise such as HIPAA Compliance, PCI DSS, GLBA, and more. With the continuous updates that such regulatory bodies bring to the table, it is important to have certified experts focused on keeping up with the changes and ensuring you remain compliant. This is especially important when it comes to audits. Being compliant is important, but being able to demonstrate and prove you are compliant is critical. Information Security and regulatory audits are not just passing fads. Security and Compliance are aimed at ensuring you are taking appropriate steps to secure your and your client’s data, and it is a business imperative in today’s technological world, so you will either hire or acquire this skill.


When it comes to IT, things change. There are hardware upgrades, software enhancements, new applications and even more. At some point, something will go wrong. With a Managed Services IT provider, you have an entire team of experts available to troubleshoot issues and provide solutions. These experts have a greater level of experience than can be amassed by your own employee staff because they have exposure to more problem situations. Experience and exposure to a broad range of issues does enhance troubleshooting expertise.

As you can see, engaging a fully Managed IT Services firm gives you security and compliance SMEs, system and network engineers, consultants and project managers, and more. A side benefit is that the need for ongoing training and skills enhancements is not something you have to do in-house since your service provider will own those tasks. Information security is not an option if you want to remain in business, so the question is, will you hire or acquire these skills? Is it truly worth ten for the price of one? It could be, it could even be more of a bargain than that!

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