Ways to secure your office cameras and microphones

Ways to secure your office cameras and microphones


secure cameras, camera security, office security, office protectionThe more our society is switching to an online presence and away from paper products, the more issues there are cybercrime and cybercriminals. These criminals want to find the fastest, easiest way to steal information, which is why you need to ensure your business has been kept safe. There are many areas where you’ve already protected yourself, such as encrypted websites secure cloud servers, and more, but there are a few ways you may not have even realized you are still vulnerable. Here are a couple of different things to consider addressing in your office as potential security issues.

Covering cameras and microphones

This may be a non-issue if you have desktops that don’t have cameras and microphones built into them, but it is a big problem for many laptop users. A lot of businesses that are switching to more cloud-based servers and applications, which means it makes more sense to get laptops for employees, so they can access the work from home or at the office. A lot of laptops come with built in microphones and cameras. The only problem with these is that they can be turned on remotely by a hacker, so someone could potentially see exactly what is happening at your office and hear everything that is being said.

Some businesses might not care that much about this, but most will want to keep what is happening in the office private, especially companies like healthcare organizations that are bound by legal issues if private information is leaked. The best way to prevent any problems with this is to cover your microphone and camera with tape while not in use and then remove the tape if those functions are necessary.

Security measures used at Facebook and in FBI

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg does this to protect himself. Zuckerberg took a photo in which the layers of tape were shown on his laptop covering the camera and microphone, according to Voice of America. This kind of action is highly recommended as a security measure and is even used by head of the FBI.

Secure conference rooms too

You may already be taking these security measures or if you don’t have laptops with microphones or cameras, you may be thinking you are safe. Unfortunately, there are other areas where you likely have microphones and cameras set up that need to be secured. For example, you might have a conference room setup for video conferencing. This can be especially dangerous given that many private and personal matters are discussed in conference rooms. Either have those conversations in other areas where you know it is secure or ensure the software is completely shut off when not in use.

Source: Voice of America

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