Welcome to the New Intrinium Executive Reports

Welcome to the New Intrinium Executive Reports

Starting tomorrow, May 3rd, we are rolling out a new format and frequency to our Executive Reports. Our intent with the new look and feel is to help make the data more easily understood and digestible in terms of “What Happened” and “What is Happening” in your IT environment. In addition, our new reports are more interactive than our previous reports, you’ll have the capability to click on the pie charts, bar graphs or numbers representing the data to drill down and sort information. Finally, we are increasing the frequency from monthly to weekly Friday afternoon distribution. Our goal is to shift to a more ‘real time’ status update on reporting instead of the once a month report frequency. Keep an eye out for an email from Intrinium tomorrow afternoon with the link to your new interactive Executive Report.

Drill Down Sort | Intrinium.com

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, or are unable to access the new report via the email link, please contact us HERE.

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