What do CIOs and IT management expect from a managed service provider?

What do CIOs and IT management expect from a managed service provider?

IT decision makers team up with managed service providers (MSPs) for all kinds of reasons. But what is it they hope to get out of that partnership. A recent survey was sent out to discover what it is CIOs and IT decision makers hope to get out of a relationship with a managed service provider.

The top result was responsiveness and quick issue resolution with more than half (52%) of CIOs and other IT management reporting that nothing else was as important. The survey seems to suggest that the most important trait that a prospective managed service provider should have is good service delivery, the ability to quickly respond when there’s a problem. The same survey also revealed a few other interesting things about managed IT services and managed service providers. For instance, only 20% of respondents believed that regular communication between client and MSP was important. Here are some other findings from the survey.

Top three reasons that drive managed IT services use

The survey asked IT decision makers what it was that led them to partner with a managed service provider. The top response was a desire to become more efficient with 36% saying this was a factor. Right behind efficiency was the need to keep up with the increasing complexity of information technology with 34% reporting that this was a motivating factor. Improving reliability and reducing the downtime of the network was the third most important factor with 32% reporting that this led them to use managed services.

Top three managed services

The most popular IT services offered in 2015, according to survey respondents were wireless service (88%), virtualization (81%), and managed services (79%). That managed IT is so high on the list is a good sign because it has grown significantly in recent years. Further down on the list in fourth place was security services (62%) though another 23% reported that they planned to use security services in 2016 suggesting that that’s an area that will see a lot of growth in the near future.

How businesses select a managed service provider

Finally, the survey revealed what it is IT decision makers look for when selecting a managed service provider. The most important factor businesses look for in an MSP is 24/7 support (46%) which really isn’t optional anymore in today’s world. A close second was the reputation of the managed service provider (40%) suggesting that one of the most important things an MSP can do is to form a good reputation by providing excellent service for current clients.

Source: PR Newswire

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