What do small business owners look for in a cloud storage provider?

What do small business owners look for in a cloud storage provider?

In the past four years, there’s been a huge surge in cloud storage adoption, especially in the small to medium sized business market (SMB), as business owners look for new ways to keep their important and sensitive data safe and secure. Currently, 52% of SMBs in the United States are using some kind of cloud storage service. With nearly half of SMBs still not backing up data to the cloud, there’s significant room for growth in the cloud storage provider market. Here are four things that business owners look for in a cloud storage provider.

  1. Ease of UseBusiness owners want a cloud storage service that is easy to use. An advantage to cloud backup is that it simplifies data backup and storage and it’s a service that it intuitive to use. Apple’s iCloud service is currently the most popular cloud storage service in large part because data is automatically backed up and you don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Brand recognition: It’s a fact of life that customers tend to trust well-known companies more. For that reason, big name brands like Apple, Dropbox, and Google, are currently leading the cloud storage service market even though they’re not necessarily the most secure. Apple’s iCloud, for instance, leaves individual users responsible for compliance so if a small business is simply relying on iCloud for cloud storage, they may not be in compliance with regulations regarding data protection.
  3. Adjustable cost and scalability of data: Business owners are always looking for ways to limit expenses. For this reason, business owners looking for a cloud storage solution are interested in a service that is affordable and has adjustable cost and scalability. A business’s data storage needs can change, sometimes overnight. Services that offer cloud storage at a range of price points based on storage needs tend to be favored by SMBs because they’re never paying more for storage space they don’t need.
  4. File backup and sharing: A natural disaster can wipe out a business’s data if they’re only relying on onsite storage solutions. SMBs look for cloud storage providers that offer the best file backup and sharing service because they want their data to not only be safe, but easy to recover in the event of some kind of disaster.

Managed online backup

Along with the increased interest in cloud storage is the adoption of managed online backup. SMBs looking for the best cloud storage and backup solution opt for managed online backup offered through a managed IT provider. Unlike iCloud, Dropbox, and Google drive, managed online backup includes 24/7 monitoring and top of the line security so your data is always safe.

Source: Tech.com

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