Why Managed Security Services are a Smart Move

Why Managed Security Services are a Smart Move

Managed security services, outsourced network security services including managed firewall solutions, security information and event solutions, advice and other resources designed to protect businesses from information security threats, are not a new service offering. However, as more companies have begun to recognize the many benefits going with a managed solution can provide, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Small and medium-sized businesses are not immune to the costly and damaging consequences of an information security breach. In fact, evidence suggests that they may actually be targeted more aggressively than larger businesses. Compounding the problem, it may take small- and medium-sized businesses longer to recover from a breach, if they’re able to recover at all. That’s because these businesses often lack the budget and other resources to commit to hiring a full team. Managed security services provide a cost-effective alternative to staffing an information security department 24/7.

Choosing to outsource information security means those businesses and their leaders can continue focusing on revenue-generation without worrying about the security of their IT infrastructures,

Understanding Managed Security Services

Some businesses have teams of IT professionals, including dedicated information security staffers responsible for preventing, identifying and addressing systems vulnerabilities and suspicious network activity, and resolving incidents appropriately when they occur.

Businesses that can’t afford an IT team often purchase anti-virus solutions for their employees’ workstations and assume (or hope) that’s enough to ward off attacks. In reality, anti-virus programs can still leave your systems vulnerable, and there is no room for complacency.

Information security damage is expected to cost companies $6 trillion annually by 2021. Choosing managed security services can provide the protection your organization needs by giving you access to responsive services, industry-leading tools and skilled information security professionals – without the hefty price tag you would pay hiring your own full-time team.

Reasons to Choose Managed Security Services

Choosing an outsourced managed security services solution is an affordable choice for companies as it allows them to get the benefits that come from having a fully-staffed information security department with skilled, experienced professionals, without having to pay staff to be on-site. Managed security services allows trained and knowledgeable IT professionals to monitor your systems and infrastructure remotely. In the event you need IT support, your service level agreement ensures that you’ve always got someone available and can rely on your systems to operate the way they are supposed to.

Beyond cost savings, managed security services can also provide a higher level of information security than you could get in-house. The managed services provider has access to the latest tools and information. Best of all, you get the power and collective of an entire team of professionals at your fingertips, committed to getting to know your business and integrating seamlessly with your staff. That team works with a variety of businesses, so they are prepared to handle a wide variety of threats.

Finally, using a managed security services provider also takes one stressor off your management to-do list. When you know your information security is in capable hands, you don’t need to worry about how systems are running. Of course, if a problem should occur, you have access to the support you need.

Discover How Intrinium’s Managed Security Services Can Benefit Your Organization

Intrinium Information Technology Solutions provides a variety of solutions including managed security services, to companies of all sizes.

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