Why Outsourcing Your SOC (Security Operations Center) will Help You Sleep Better

Why Outsourcing Your SOC (Security Operations Center) will Help You Sleep Better

In today’s connected world, even traditional businesses are extending their market reach through an online presence. Brick and mortar retailers have added online shopping, services businesses use web marketing and collaboration tools, and even municipalities rely on networked systems for operational support. This presents one universal conclusion – Information Security is a concern for every organization, unless you are just deliberately ignoring the topic … which is not recommended.

Where to Start?

Many small to medium business owners choose to roll the dice and take a chance that they will not be attractive enough to warrant a cyber attack. While some may get lucky, the fact is the SMB market is being targeted more and more, since cyber criminals find this market segment less likely to have a robust information security strategy in place. To achieve world-class support without breaking the bank, many are turning to Managed Security Services Providers, or MSSPs, to obtain the skills and resources for online security.

You Need a Plan

Before you lose too much sleep over the possibility of a network event, which could be a cyber attack or simply a performance / availability issue, you need to have a plan to address problems. If you find yourself the target of a Dedicated Denial of Service attack (DDoS), what will you do about it? During the attack is not the time to come up with a plan! This is another reason many organizations are employing MSSP’s – they have technical expertise as well as consultancy skills to help you think through issues and be prepared. The best part is once the plan is documented, you can let the SOC stay up at night minding the network. Your plan will include communication information so the SOC can get in touch with the appropriate people at the appropriate time if there is a concern, all while you get some sleep!

One Person Cannot Do Everything

While you no doubt have assembled a team of skilled experts in executing your business initiatives, monitoring a network is probably not one of your core competencies. You need a team of Information Security professionals to be able to effectively monitor your network, especially considering it is a 24 x 7 x 365 proposition. While you may take nights and weekends off, your online presence cannot! A web site that is not available is a web site that won’t be the first one the customer thinks of the next time they are shopping for the type of goods or services you provide. An MSSP operating a SOC will be alerting and monitoring the network on your behalf, handling minor issues and false alarms, while keeping you appropriately informed of real issues.

Wrapping Up Security

In short, cyber security is a concern for every business. You either choose to ignore it and by default accept the risk, or you address it with a team of Information Security professionals to monitor your network. While you can hire in-house support, engaging an MSSP who operates a fully functional SOC is going to provide benefits from an economy of scale. They will have deeper expertise and broader skills available at a lower cost than you would be able to develop yourself.

  • It takes a team of experts, after the time of design and implementation
  • It is a 24 x 7 x 365 requirement
  • It takes a plan for what to do if – or when – there is an event

Let your MSSP become a trusted partner to execute monitoring and initiate the response plan as necessary, while you enjoy some peace of mind and much deserved sleep.

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