Why Proactive Managed IT Monitoring and Maintenance Matters

Why Proactive Managed IT Monitoring and Maintenance Matters

Making the decision to use Managed IT services for your business is smart, freeing up your time to focus on generating and increasing revenue without the stress of handling day-to-day IT support in-house. When you choose Managed IT services, make sure you’re choosing a service provider that will do more than simply react to incidents and handle help desk tickets. If that’s the provider’s sole or primary focus, you will likely see a rise in the number and severity of problems.

Intrinium Information Technology Solutions goes beyond resolving issues by providing proactive monitoring and maintenance designed to keep your systems and IT infrastructure running smoothly.

Why Ongoing Monitoring and Regular System Maintenance Matter

When your systems and technologies form the backbone of your organization, downtime is simply not an option. However, that’s exactly what will likely happen if your Managed IT service provider ignores systems maintenance and doesn’t adequately monitor systems and activity.

These activities are “must-haves” to improve system performance and prevent unnecessary disruptions. By proactively scanning and monitoring your entire infrastructure, including individual desktops, servers and other connected devices, proactive Managed IT services can identify potential issues and resolve them before they become costly problems for your company.

Because information security threats change rapidly, there is no room for complacency with your systems and network. Your Managed IT service provider should also provide remote maintenance services that continually push out software updates and critical patches, helping keep your organization safe from potential attacks or other vulnerabilities.

Finally, you should also choose a Managed IT services provider who offers monthly reporting to provide you with complete visibility into your network and system performance. This can serve as further assurance that your systems, company data, customer information and employee records are secure and that systems are operating as planned.

Why Choose Intrinium’s Managed IT Services

Intrinium provides a full suite of outsourced IT services designed to help your business be more secure and more productive so you can focus on pursuing your business goals. We understand the need for ongoing monitoring and maintenance. That’s why we provide coverage for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also provide regular monthly reporting and analysis to help our customers understand their systems and the potential threats and incidents they face.

When you choose Intrinium’s Managed IT monitoring and maintenance services, you’re getting access to our best practice tools and advanced monitoring services.

Don’t choose a Managed IT service provider that handles help desk tickets during regular business hours but doesn’t help keep your organization’s IT infrastructure running at its peak capacity by monitoring and maintaining systems. Choosing Intrinium’s Managed IT services will help ensure your technology investment goes farther.

To learn more about Managed IT monitoring and maintenance services provided by Intrinium Information Technology Solutions and to discover how we can help your company, contact us online today or call us at 866-461-5099.

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