Will an Apple iPhone break-in affect your security?

Will an Apple iPhone break-in affect your security?

Your business probably puts a lot of time and money into ensuring the security of your company’s information, part of which is likely accessed through employee smartphones. The use of smartphones within a business is inevitable, and it is especially convenient when you are using the cloud to access company information while out of the office. But part of being able to use this information out of the office and on the cloud is knowing that there is high levels of security and that nobody will ever be able to break in and steal company data. That is why it is so nerve-racking to consider the FBI building a tool to get access into smartphones whenever they feel like it. Here’s how this kind of tool would really affect you.

The biggest problem: thieves

When the FBI asked to have this device built to access smartphone information, they didn’t realize the doors they would be opening to potential thieves. Right now, it is safe to use smartphones for important data because if it ever got stolen, the thief would have to wipe the phone to be able to get access to it, meaning all they end up getting is the phone. With this device in place (even though the Feds are sure they won’t have access to it), thieves would be able to steal smartphones, specifically the iPhone, and steal all information from the phone, according to the Verge. This could be damaging to your business and personal life with so much information being stored in one place.

The intense legal battle that Apple is facing will be a big determining factor in how smartphone privacy is treated in the future and how safe it will be for you to continue accessing your business from a smartphone.

How to protect yourself anyway

Who knows what the courts will end up deciding in this case, but there are ways to protect your business from hackers and thieves regardless of this decision. The best way to determine how to personalize security will be to speak with an IT service provider. They are the experts and will have the best advice based on your situation. It is also the best way to ensure the highest level of security whether accessing data from smartphones or from computers. However, you can be sure to protect all your company information with strong system encryptions. If you are required to enter password information every time you log in through your phone, then your business will be protected from thieves in the event that a mobile device is stolen. Though it would be nice to know that nobody will be able to get into your phone except you, it may not be a reality for much longer, and your business needs to be prepared.


Source: The Verge

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